JSC debuted in 2001 as a play on words with mates while on a surf trip in Sardinia, Italy. JUSTAYCOOLO was the catch cry on that trip! This Australian/Italian connection has flourished ever since those early days, with sick surf adventures on the way, some friends becoming parents, some taking executive careers and some developing ideas and products; the Italian way!


While JSC has had a long “incubation period” it has now come the time for the first symptoms of JSC to celebrate the iconic “made in Italy” theme. The JSC style offers customers the original made in Italy Integrity including board shorts through to eating Pizza in Rome while checking the web for the brief swell windows that exist in the Mediterranean Sea. A passion based around the sea and ocean exists within JSC, but this online/catalogue business celebrates also the diversity of Italy – a combinazione of art, architecture, language, food, wine, music, football, love, politics, culture and amici.


Italians are passionate about their products and ideas, quality is a high priority where much of the work is done by hand, so this is the reason we want to celebrate and expose JUSTAYCOOLO to you.

For more information please contact us here: info@justaycoolo.com