Ado Surfboards

Ado Surfboards

Sandro fits the classic “coolo” Italian who in my opinion also sits in the classic Italian craftsmen category: mellow, easy going with great style and a keen eye for curves/outlines – good ingredients for surfboard making. He also surfs good!

Finding trim and sitting in the pocket is fun -the glide, that critical moment where all else stops. Watching Sandro and Bep recently on a particular right hander in the Indian ocean; the boards of Sandro from my visual experience where the hit. The boards sat well in the pocket on the fast sections and when the wave slowed the board adjusted and turned back to the power source with ease! All with style…

Boards of Sandro come in wood and foam. Check the video out. Raw unedited talk on boards Italian style…


From pods, fishes, mini simmons, pigs, mid length v’s to 10ft gliders – dude can do it.
Check his boards and contact Sandro at instagram: @adosurfboards_duale_surfwood
Water pics: @minicri
Distant shots: Mickey Nattz and co.
Video: Giasone
Disclaimer: No boards or discounts have been given to me. Sandro is a friend and he travels in the same direction as my moral compass.


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